Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reid Weingarten- Does Your Independent Investigation INCLUDE Issues with Tom Ingram? This VERY Credible Source That Simply Wants Answers from Bernie Toon, Tom Ingram & Bill Haslam. I See a Pattern of DisRESPECT.... What Do You Think?

Hey Reid:  google Bernie Toon:

Begin forwarded message:

************* that the communication director, the head of economic development, Tom Ingram (and his partner Troon) and Governor Haslam himself have not answered my emails tells me they are ignoring me because they know them helping a business who had their license suspended, and the Insurance department said of the owner, Andrea Ball and her husband Chris Ball,************************ She *********(hired)*****Tom Ingram to get this statement wiped out of the state files. In their emails and text messages Tom Ingram and Mark Cate discuss this very subject.  I think this is a story in itself you could do. Why was the Governor’s Chief of Staff Mark Cate willing to help a business that owes the tax payer $3.5 million dollar,  financially unstable and suspended for not following state law get their license back and put  employees at risk by having HR Comp Employee Leasing hold their payroll taxes (owe taxes themselves), workers’ compensation premiums, and health insurance premiums worth millions of dollars. Would they allow an insurance agent their license if that was the case? What about a mortgage company or bank? Of course they wouldn’t and there is plenty of proof, just look at all the mortgage companies denied a license for owing taxes alone. This is without even being declared, “of low moral character” or having had their license suspended the year before and still ‘under investigation by their insurance department as mentioned in the text and email messages between Cate and Ingram.
Why was Governor Haslam willing to put innocent Tennessee employees and their families AT RISK?

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