Thursday, September 19, 2013

*** UPDATE*** Reid Weingarten- Can YOU Ask Debbie Wasserrman Schultz if She Like to Meet for Breakfast Next Week? My Lunch Card is NOW Full. We Can Talk About Roy Herron of the Tennessee Democratic Party Being a Bill Haslam Good Ole Boy. It Was "Most Likely" Bernie Toon That Organized It. I Was Told Those That Voted for Herron Were on the Haslam Payroll.... Either for Comapnies That Got ECD Grants or the State. If NOT Them Their Spouse. James Comey of the FBI Should Look at This... it's RICO Baby:):)

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From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: The Head of the Tennessee Democratic Party is a "Plant" from People Connected to the Republican Governor. I Was Told It Was a Karl Rove Dirty Trick…I Clarified THAT Was NOT True.
Date: September 19, 2013 11:03:34 AM CDT

Democrats in Tennessee think this is something that was done by Karl Rove people…. SInce I'm the one that exposed it and I was "trained" in the early 90's to do opposition research by a Karl Rove operative I can say that "this" is not done by those people directly associated with him….   I can say it was "most likely" done by people connected to the Tea Party &/or Freedomworks with the help of Tom Ingram's coworker whose Joe Biden's former chief of staff Bernie Toon.   Seriously you had to have a democrat do the deals….  

So this is to warn you that this is getting traction & since I'm the one that EXPOSED it I want people to "fix" it.   I just heard from a prominent Tennessee democrat and I told them I would reach out to people ….  The fact that the "planted" state party chair is NOT aggressively looking to replace Lamar Alexander scares people…..  Some fear that the Tea Partier will win.  ALL the evidence shows that a syndicate of ECD cronies have set this up… money is funneled through the TVA & through Oak Ridge and Governor Haslam's ECD.   Too much of that money went for projects that "won't work" and a lot of money wasted.   The Tea Partiers in TN are angry and a GOP revolt is gonna happen… far worse than what you've already seen.   Seriously… this is juvenile and illegal… PLEASE HELP!!!    

My blog post yesterday got a LOT of hits... then "this" appeared today.  The issue is REAL!!!   

"...At present, the party office is bleeding staff and Herron is facing a potential mutiny, as misgivings about his leadership that were bandied about during his chairmanship campaign have begun to resurface. ...." Nashville Scene
"...Multiple executive committee members and party insiders confirm that there have been discussions about an attempt to force Herron out at the committee's November meeting. Both Woods and Briley say they've heard such talk but have discouraged it...."  Nashville Scene

Reid Weingarten: This is a Tennessee TWIST.. Roy Herron the ...

22 hours ago - Reid Weingarten: This is a Tennessee TWIST.. Roy Herron the Chairman the Tennessee Democratic Party

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