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James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers Ask Tagg Romney if He Knew His Dad Mitt Romney Named Bain Capital After LBJ? HISTORY OF THE GOOD OLE BOY NETWORK

Lyndon Baines Johnson

The Good Ole Boy Network/Syndicate that has terrorized me has Deep Texan Roots & the 3rd Generation was led by Erik Prince.

In the fall of 1946, the late W. Porter Grace, then manager of the Industrial Department of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce, hosted a small group in Memphis, Tennessee to discuss mutual interests and problems relating to industrial development in the South. Feeling the need for closer communication with his fellow professionals, he had invited 24 men from throughout the South who were involved in various aspects of industrial development.

Thus, the Southern Industrial Development Council was born. After meeting for two and a half days, the group agreed to continue this type of discussion at Birmingham, Alabama the following year. The meetings continued on an informal basis at Dallas, Texas (1948), Atlanta, Georgia (1949) and Shreveport, Louisiana (1950).  The Shreveport meeting is one of special significance, since it was decided that if the annual meetings were to be continued, a formal organization was desirable. A committee was appointed to draft a charter and by-laws for the following year's meeting.  (Evidently the MAFIA is linked to the SEDC via Shreveport) The Fort Worth meeting in 1951 is a major milestone in the history of SIDC. It was the first meeting to which an invitation was extended to all practitioners of industrial development in the southern region.

Wanna know how Johnson Became President?  Thank You SIDC which became SEDC


Academi Watch (formerly Blackwater Watch then Xe Watch) has been quoted in the press. The local media here in North Carolina has been shamefully silent about the menace that is headquartered here.

OK- this is freaking me out... Too many powerful people are involved... Hey Reid Weingarten... Lets cut a deal: How we keep it quiet and you tell your boys (Haslam and Romney) to tell NISSAN to mediate with me - & they can  tell your buddies at the CIA to hire me and then I'll live a normal life, health insurance & I can rubber stamp  your clients  requests for more taxpayer money?  Reid just tell them to keep taking the money of hardworking taxpayers... nobody seems to care... Heck I've tried to exposed them for being unethical pieces of shit....  NOBODY listened.  So Mr. Weingarten you tell Billy, Jimmy Mitt and Tagg that it's OK?   Tell Jimmy Haslam to tell his buddy Mike Loya of Vitol Energy to keep buying oil from IRAN and for them to buy oil from a company that fuels Putin and Russian mafia tell him to enjoy the trough...

The fact that US lawmakers could not stop Mitt Romney allies from supporting the Iranian regime tell me that "there's no hope" America has two classes of people... Those "in the club" and those like me... who are NOT in the club.  

Look at this: The mainstream media did NOT pick it up WHY?

 Fact is the the mainstream media did let an American Presidential candidate break the law tells me the laws are only written for the "little" people...

There is no humanity in this county.  I'm a carpool mom and  NOBODY cares that I was jailed 3 times for speaking out against the Good Ole Boy network.  I know those at the Gannett owned  Tennessean KNEW who I was: 

  1. Mark Silverman: To

    June 1st: After 2 days of emails & voice mails the Gannett/Tennessean editor Mark Silverman & Sharyn Bovat talked and Mr.Silverman respectfully understands ...
    You visited this page on 9/16/13.

  2. DC Pillow Talk - Voice of a Moderate

    Gannett has a monopoly on the printed media in Middle Tennessee. At the meeting in Nashville Tennessee Sharyn Bovat and Mark Silverman became friend
Reid you tell the Haslam and Romney Klan that I can tell they obviously  "purchased" the right politicians ..   Heck they bought the leader of the TN Democratic party... that was a good purchase.  Better than the Kansas City Joe Montana deal?    I'm sad!!!  The only thing that gives me hope is seeing the FEDS seize a property in Manhatten.  Maybe some day they'll try to send corrupt NISSAN executives to jail (they do business with Khomeini) ...

Today I learned that the ENTIRE Economic and Community Development program in Tennessee is corrupt.  I can't fight them  
Look what happened to me when I complained about taxpayer money used to have a NISSAN executive get "oxygen facials".. I was jailed 3 times and suffered bullying and people said I was a lesbian.   

It was just relayed to me that Baker Donelson is "in the club"... I'm screwed because not only they are connected to the Romney/Haslam elite they are good lawyers.  That is why I'm kindly asking you to kindly just let me have a "normal" life - free of fear and in return I won't blog and you can keep "doing what your doing".....   Haslam family YOU WIN.... are you happy?     

What's really upsetting is I was told that LOTS of NFL owners are corrupt.  The fact they have NOT insisted you leave the NFL is telling "people" that they "endorse" the unethical behavior.. which I guess is NOW just the norm.

So Good Ole Boy Syndicate Elite: All I want is to stop living in fear....   I just learned the "syndicate" has an international division and the leader pretends to be nice... He gives people puppies.... the reality is Putin has become one of the richest men in the world and a LOT of NFL owners are "in bed" with him....  OK  Too much info?

How about stop the harassment of me & while your at it stop ripping off the American taxpayers...  Oops that will ONLY happen if the DOJ does it's job and that means JUSTICE....

Thank you!!!
& have a great day!!!!

1997 Blackwater USA
Erik Prince, Blackwater founder
Blackwater USA was formed in 1997, by Erik Prince in North Carolina, to provide training support to military and law enforcement organizations. In explaining Blackwater's purpose, Prince stated that ‘‘We are trying to do for the national security apparatus what FedEx did for the Postal Service.’’[7] After serving SEAL and SWAT teams, Blackwater USA received its first government contract after the bombing of the USS Cole off of the coast of Yemen in October 2000. After winning the bid on the contract, Blackwater trained over 100,000 sailors

 Oh yeah....   

The Haslam's Will KNOW who killed JFK too...  creepy!!!

Early history
Carlo Pirano, a native of Sicily, emigrated to the U.S. circa 1901 with his brother Joseph. They first settled in Shreveport, Louisiana. Carlo began the Dallas faction of the American Mafia in 1921 with Joseph as his underboss. Carlo, later described as the “original head of the Mafia in Texas,” was born about 1876 in Corleone, Sicily, the same hometown as early New York Mafia boss Giuseppe Morello. Piranio’s marriage to an eighteen-year-old woman, recently arrived from Italy, occurred in 1903. In 1904, a son Angelo was born to Carlo and Clementia Piranio. The Piranio relocation to Dallas, Texas, occurred sometime between the Shreveport birth of Angelo in 1904. The April 1910 U.S. Census says the family lived temporarily at 774 Main Street in Dallas. The household included Carlo and Clementia, young Angelo, and Joseph Piranio and his new bride Lena. Carlo ran a real estate business from his home. Joseph worked as a grocery salesman. Joseph was not entirely settled in Texas. He moved back to Louisiana for a few years. He, his wife and two young daughters returned to Dallas by 1914. Carlo died of natural causes in 1930. Joseph took over the family after Carlo's death. He owned a number of bars, controlled numerous gambling operations, and ran some minor labor rackets through his construction business.
Joseph Civello
Joseph Civello assumed control in 1956, when Joseph Piranio died at age 78. Civello attended the infamous Apalachin meeting of Mafia leaders, and was prosecuted on a conspiracy charge stemming from the meeting. He controlled narcotics, gambling, prostitution and night clubs in most of Texas. Civello was born February 3, 1903, in rural West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. He was the second child born to Philip and Catherine Civello. His father, a farm laborer, had been in the United States since 1900. The Civello family grew to include seven children. The family remained in West Baton Rouge until 1923, when Philip relocated the clan to Dallas and opened a grocery store.
Law enforcement officers quickly became aware of Joseph Civello. He was convicted of Prohibition violations in 1926 and served forty days in jail. On July 12, 1928, Civello was again arrested on liquor charges. His arrest was part of a series of raids that nabbed a total of twenty-two suspected bootleggers around the city. Civello was arrested on St. Paul Street with two other men, Ernest Calchano and Joe DeCarlo. DeCarlo was an important bootlegger in the Dallas area and had recently begun refusing to send tribute payments to Carlo Piranio. Civello was selected to administer Mafia discipline. Just two days after their arrest together, Civello and DeCarlo met inside the St. Paul Drugstore at the intersection of St. Paul and Bryan Streets. Civello happened to be carrying a loaded shotgun at the time. As the men stood close to each other, the shotgun went off. DeCarlo was shot in the stomach. Rather than flee, Civello remained with the mortally wounded DeCarlo, protesting that his weapon had fired by accident. DeCarlo, with his dying breath, confirmed Civello’s story. Civello was arrested and charged with murder. He continued to insist that the killing was accidental. A Dallas grand jury gave considerable weight to DeCarlo’s dying statement. Within two days, Civello was released on his own recognizance. The grand jury continued its investigation into DeCarlo’s death and decided on July 27 not to indict Civello. Civello married in November, 1929. He and his wife Mary moved into Philip Civello’s home at 1902 Moser Avenue. Joseph worked as a salesman for his father’s grocery Store.[3]
After the Apalachin meeting, the FBI began keeping closer tabs on Civello. On January 13, 1960, Civello was indicted for conspiracy and perjury offenses. Judge Irving R. Kaufman sentenced him and nineteen other mob leaders that were at Apalachin to five years in prison. Ten months later, a U.S. appeals court overturned the convictions of the twenty men. Prosecutors had proven conspiracy, the court decided, but had not proven that the conspiracy was designed to accomplish some unlawful act.
In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy visited Dallas. Many suspected the involvement of the local underworld when the President was assassinated on November 22. Suspicions increased two days later when accused Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, then in the custody of the Dallas Police, was shot to death in front of TV cameras by local nightclub owner Jack Ruby. Though suppressed for a time by federal investigators, Ruby’s underworld connections in Chicago and across the South were well known in Dallas. Informant Bobby Gene Moore told the FBI all he knew about Ruby’s many visits with Joseph Civello. During the Warren Commission probe into the Kennedy Assassination, further evidence surfaced of contacts between Ruby and Tampa Mob figures in Havana, Cuba. Ruby visited gambler Lewis J. McWillie in Havana in 1959, and one account suggested he and McWillie visited Tampa crime boss Santo Trafficante Jr., then held by Fidel Castro at Trescornia detention camp. The FBI called in Joseph Civello for a brief interview and noted that the Dallas crime boss admitted knowing Ruby for about ten years and seeing him four or five times. Civello told agents that he last recalled seeing Ruby in 1957. Civello died in January 1970.

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