Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reid Weingarten.... The Profiteers from the Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up Have Become RICH.... I Think Jimmy and Bill Haslam, Mitt and Tagg Romney and Mike Loya are Included in the Group. If I'm Wrong Call Me... Sharyn 615-944-7599

Reid Weingarten....  I've identified Lockerbie Profiteers... Wanna know more?  They make money from IRAN when nobody else can. Doing business with Iran is against the law... How does Jimmy Haslam and Mike Loya, Mitt and Tagg Romney "get away" with breaking the law"..... Members of congress know.... STILL someone let it happen.  It's easy to get rich when you have a monopoly.  The link of the people that have bullied me is the Lockerbie cover up.... The profiteer are scared I'll expose them....

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharynbovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: I already sent this to the DOD Inspector General…. Fraud is Happening at the DOD by Lockerbie Profiteers. Last Night I Was told They Will INVESTIGATE!!! I'd Rather the United Nations Take the Lead BUT I'm OK with an IGO Their Ethical. 
Date: September 24, 2013 8:27:24 AM EDT
To: "hallc@un.org" <hallc@un.org>, "powell1@un.org" <powell1@un.org>, "gomez-badillo@un.org" <gomez-badillo@un.org>, "powerg@un.org" <powerg@un.org>, "chungd@un.org" <chungd@un.org>, "karbassi@un.org" <karbassi@un.org>, Anita Househam <househam@un.org>, "rblackqc@outlook.com" <rblackqc@outlook.com>, "richard.jeffs@communication-consultants.co.uk" <richard.jeffs@communication-consultants.co.uk>, "cstanbrook@mwe.com" <cstanbrook@mwe.com>, "Richard.Leatherman@DODIG.MIL" <Richard.Leatherman@DODIG.MIL>, "enfahey@syr.edu" <enfahey@syr.edu>, "jlorourk@syr.edu" <jlorourk@syr.edu>, "mrwhee01@syr.edu" <mrwhee01@syr.edu>, Mark Silverman <4msilverman@gmail.com>

Too many people live in fear of the elites who seem to "rule without fear"…. People like Mitt Romney (and the HASLAM family) were able to skirt Iranian Sanctions via private equity and NOBODY investigated…An Iranian told Me that they knew their country was involved.  That Iranian got US citizenship…..expedited.  

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