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Reid Weingarten - ALL WHITE IS NOT ALL RIGHT!!! Please Meet Me Next Week and Bring Your Buddy Eric Holder. Sir, I Can Add to Your Independent Investigation. We Can Discuss the Racist "Manuel Rebate" Issue - Well People Linked to Haslam are Currently Discriminating. Next Week Lets Meet at BGR... Not the Lobbying Firm, I Don't Think Haley Barbour Would Be Into Discussing Jimmy Haslam's Brother Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Whose Encouraging a Racist Element. I Heard the Former RNC Chair is No Longer Into Purity (I Hope That Goes for His Nephew Henry Barbour Too? Since Reince Priebus Put Him in Charge of RNC Diversity) Anyway Haley Barbour Has "Evolved" UNLIKE the Current US Chamber of Commerce... The Current Roster of Leadership is ALL White - Except for Lily Fu Claffee.

Sharyn Bovat can link racism to the Haslam administration...  Then a blog viewer told her that the US Chamber of Commerce was racist. Then she learned that former KKK in the South infiltrated the chamber and NOW they control the ECD.

A LOT of fraud linked to the Haslam administration is FLOWING through the Oak Ridge Innovation Valley.... (that's what a good source says)... Others have told me the ECD's all over the state are controlled by Good Ole Boys that discrimination.  I learned the Southern Company- via Mississippi Power has put "their people" in the SEDC to help "funnel" taxpayer money to those that want WHITE. You'd think Eric Holder would WANT to know this?  or is he check his race at the door when he took office.  At NISSAN North America I was told that they "let" a black guy have a middle management cause he "acts" white. FYI- I whislteblew about a LOT of stuff that included discrimination Women in management at NISSAN went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew-NOBODY at the DOJ investigated-WHY?

Here's the Bredesen ECD staff compared to the Haslam ECD-It's NOT the demographics of TN?

Notice Lamar Alexander's son is Chief of Staff.   In 1992 I (Sharyn Bovat) spent a day with Lamar in Sacramento.  He was in town to be a surrogate speaker.  Because my family is connected to CIA that protected Ex Nazis I was 'Good Ole Boy" approved.   Maybe "that's" why NISSAN let me work with their top execs?

    Sharyn learned that blacks working in the Tennessee ECD when Haslam got appointed were "relocated" the few they kept were subservient to their white bosses.  OUCH!!!!   Guess that's how Paula Davis keeps her job? 

A while back Haslam supporter told Sharyn that in Brentwood Tennessee the only black kids they wanted at Brentwood High were 'children whose daddy's played for the Titans.'

below was written a few years ago... after speaking out a a school board meeting about discrimination a  4th warrant was "accidentally" put in the system to have me arrested.   ALL I did was complain that the Good Ole Boys were "herding the diversity" to 1 school.  I "thought" that was NOT legal.  The judge that probably did is was given a BIG promotion by Haslam.  Oddly he's one of the few judges in the State of Tennessee to lose an election...(he lost one about 10 years ago) and then get MORE appointments.  

This is a picture of my daughter's (ex) school last year before her small neighborhood was the ONLY one rezoned in reference to Crockett..  For years I complained about racism in the schools. History has shown that Williamson County rezonings tended to put diversity into "certain schools" thus hurting/helping home prices.    Crockett went through an era where in 3 years they had 3 different principles.   The 2nd was black and I was told by a PTO member the parents did not like black role models.  The black principle was forced to resign (some say fired) for what could be a valid reason still I suspect race was involved.  When I pointed out to the Williamson County School administration the fact that the ONLY hispanic on the staff of Crockett Elementary was a janitor and that the ONLY black person on the staff worked in the cafeteria people got nervous.    I "hope" this year there's more diversity.   FYI-  My  child is happy at the school that harbors the majority of Brentwood's diverse children.  Thank you Kenrose for being a place of tolerance.   

Maria De Varenne Gannett - Sharyn Bovat

Dec 5, 2011 - I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN Law firms "nurture" the 'Good ...

Judges that were biased had goatees. 

These Tennessee judges are part of the Good Ole Boy syndicate:  I want Eric Holder to investigate
Oddly in Tennessee I found a pattern in the courts.  

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