Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reid Weingarten - It's NOT a Good Day to Be Jimmy Haslam... James Comey The FBI is Getting Data That Will Show Hedy Weinberg That The ACLU Should Have Helped Me... I'm Fighting for Humanity- The Haslam Family is Getting Busted Making Money From Khomeini a Guy Told Me That EVERYONE Knew Pilot Flying J Did Sleazy Deals with Iran But NOBODY Had the Courage to Say Anything.... Except Me.... He Said I Was STUPID for Speaking Out & Have to Flee Like Snowden... I Told Him If I Have to Flee Then America Has LOST It's Heart... All Spoke Out for the Greater Good. Ed Daly the Former President/Owner of World Airways Told Me to He "Went With His Gut".. I Ask Him WHY He Saved the Orphans... I Believe He Did the Deal with Khomeini (the Hostage Thing) Cause He Needed to Make Sure He Had Government Contracts.... He Had Pilots to Pay... So What's Your Excuse for Doing Deals with Khomeini? How Does ComData Hide Things? I'm Curious....

 Reid Weingarten YOU Have a Fax..... Check your toner:):)  

The Haslam Iranian Oil for BIG Profits Scam & Been Exposed - We Can Call it the Haslam Hustle or the Tennessee Taliban? 

Since those linked to Haslam discriminate and call blacks the "N" word  I think that THAT the Tennessee Taliban is a good nickname.   

OMG!!! Reid Weingarten Eric Holder "let" the racism continue in Tennessee- Does he NOT like black people....  WHY does it take a white woman to get FAIRNESS for the community that has been wronged by "sleazy" ex FBI linked to Martin Luther King Bullying?  I don't get it... 

It's WRONG to disrespect people & I'm fighting for Average American & I don't care what color...

EVERYONE in America deserves RESPECT!!! 

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