Wednesday, January 22, 2014

James Comey YOU Should Tell the FBI to Read the Dick Polman Article About Haley Barbour & GOP Freak Out… Just Wait Until Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore of Gannett Give the "Green Light" to Expose Haley Barbour's ALLIES Mitt Romney and Bill Haslam for Profiting from KHOMEINI - All Linked to the "Get Rid of Carter Days"….. I've Got So Much More,,, I'm Telling Paul Fishman the New Jersey US Attorney Too….

"The scandals suggest "something ugly inside Christie's world...either he built and tolerated this kind of political culture, or he was ignorant of it" DickPolman

The slow pace of the probes will likely bleed him further, and sow more panic within the party...

 Party regular Haley Barbour, the ex-Mississippi governor, has tried to knock down the Hoboken allegations by pointing out that "this is a lady mayor." 
 (Hence, the GOP Guide to Gender: A mayor who  to be a man is called  "mayor." A mayor who happens to be a woman is called "lady mayor.")

America needs to support Dawn Zimmer!!!

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