Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reid Weingarten - Are YOU Too Busy to Represent Haslam... I Was RIGHT About Employees of General Motors Being CORRUPT in Tennessee Thank God the James Comey Led FBI, IRS and Others Busted One of the Guys..... The Issue is the Culture of Corruption in Tennessee That Jimmy Haslam's Brother Fosters.... I'm Talking Foster as in "Nurture" NOT the Beer..... The UK Dude Seems Like a "Piece of Work"..... I Was Paid to Work at HP for a While in the 80's.... I Didn't Do Anything.... I Can Tell YOU and Will Drake About My HP Experience at Lunch? Lsst Thing... I Officially Am Endorsing Mark Coonrippy Brown... Unless He's a Good Ole Boy Racist - Actually I Don't Live in Tennessee Anymore.. For That i Say THANK YOU JESUS... or Possibly THANK YOU OPRAH..... Happy New Year Mr Weingarten... I'm Serious About Lunch.. You Can Pay for It ... Charge It to Jimmy Haslam :):)

Reid Weingarten- Wanna Have lunch next week?

This is Money ‎- 4 hours ago
Last year the Mail revealed Lynch has hired Reid Weingarten, who previously defended film-maker Roman Polanski and Enron executive Richard Causey, ...

Tennessee man caught by stealing from General Motors: - I Knew About the Fraud and Reported it a While ago... Tennessee is a "Cesspool" of corruption... The American taxpayers are harmed by the Good Ole boy Network...

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