Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reid Weingarten I Just Sent This Email to YOU and the FBI - Wanna Tell James Comey?

Mr. Weingarten- Tell Mr. Holder to call me 615-944-7599 if I'm wrong… 

Sir did you know that your friend's Senate confirmation happened cause people knew that he'd be a "team player" at suppressing stuff… including the Lockerbie Truth.  I can show "probable cause" that US Attorney General Eric Holder KNEW ABout Lockerbie Cover Up in the 90's & it makes me mad he "thanked" Frank Duggan a man who was most likely used to bully the families of victims into accepting money in lieu of the truth at the ceremony.  Frank Duggan is just a puppet & most know this. Sorry Frank sometimes the truth hurts.

It's Time the Lockerbie Truth was told…. Do I really need to bring Senator Hatch into this?  OK while were at it lets ask ex Senator Al D'Amato some questions and Sal Russo then the Lockerbie Truth can happen.   They can tell you about WHY Frank Duggan is President of the Lockerbie Family Victims group … Lets also get FOIA request in for ALL grants given to Syracuse university.  I was told that University  financially benefited for helping in the cover up.  

I got "confirmation" that Buck Revell is linked to those that cover up JFK stuff and bullied Martin Luther King so If Frank Duggan is a close ally to Eric Holder then the first black AG who works for the 1st black President will be part of the cover up aimed at protecting those that hurt the black community…. Ouch  most people won't want to believe that  so we betted do a "cover up"… 

Maybe Mr. Holder was just being polite and having frank Duggan speak at the 25th anniversary was an accident?  

Get this- A Newly retired Air Force Guy personally told me a few days ago that I provided HOPE for the future… A LOT of newly retired vets KNOW I'm right about the political profiteering and they hate that the US government gives money to companies that fuel our enemies (Iran) and those at the DOD know IRAN is a real perp of the Lockerbie bombing… OUCH!!!  

FYI-  Iranians are not evil people and many want peace in fact an Iranian told me they knew they were responsible for he Lockerbie bombing & that person wants the issue exposed so their country can "heal" 
The reason WHY Haslam got to buy Iranian oil from Mike Loya (vital) is because of "deals" made that are directly related to the Lockerbie cover up too. I was just told that YES I'm right about that.... ouch!! 

Issue of  Syracuse Univeristy  Getting Money for Helping Cover Up….Might Be Exposed.  I'd Like to Think The Money Was Given for a Different Reason?   

Enid Greene Waldholtz - Huffington Post
Enid Greene Waldholtz ... Read More: Corruption, Salt Lake City, Eric Holder Attorney General, Enid Greene Waldholtz, Eric Holder, Utah, Politics News · Al Eisele. Greene was eventually cleared of criminal wrongdoing, but under pressure 

Late last month, on a Salt Lake City weekly radio program she hosts, Greene said she was "absolutely appalled, infuriated and disgusted" that President-elect Obama picked Eric Holder as his choice for attorney general. Greene's outrage stemmed from the fact that Holder was the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia who led the year-long investigation of Greene and her husband.
Greene, who divorced Waldholtz in 1995 and recently remarried, said, "This man should in no way, shape or form be allowed to have so much power concentrated in his hands." She added that he has it "from the highest authorities in the Justice Department and FBI" that Holder's prolonged investigation was politically motivated.
And last week, Greene, now Enid Green Mickelson, told the Salt Lake Tribune that Holder is a "lawbreaking opportunist" who "has absolutely no moral or ethical integrity and shouldn't be attorney general."
But Sen. Hatch, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, defended Holder. He told the newspaper that it was a "good appointment," adding, "I like Holder. I have a very good relationship with him."

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