Thursday, January 16, 2014

James Comey Tell the FBI I'm Being a Team Player By Posting the Unclassified Version of Fax Sent Todd McCall of the Memphis FBI, Lauren Dudley of Congressman Eleanor Holmes Norton Office, Adam Elias of Congressman Bill Foster Office, Robert Holley of the Chicago FBI, & Brian Coleman of the US Attorney's Office Memphis Division


My name is Sharyn Bovat and my family was part of the "shadow" group that did stuff …. anyway when I was in my 20's I got in inkling of how "creepy" the people were that I was around. 

Today's point is about Martin Luther King and I know the mainstream media ignores the issues and I know why- like I'm sure you do. FYI- I whistle blew about fraud done by NISSAN a company that does business with IRAN & that Mitt Romney profiteered from Iran by the deals done by people linked to the Military Industrial Complex in the 80's. Since 2009 I've been bullied, harassed, jailed and more. 

I learned it was happening to me cause I "know too much" It was done because of a Good Ole Boy network that is linked to Howard Baker of the Reagan era (SAL RUSSO), Tom Ingram, Lamar Alexander, Bill Lacy, Fred Thompson, & a lot more. The problem is that the Tennessee courts are corrupt and innocent people are harmed because of ALL the immunity that is allowed. Yes!!! the evil "creepy" people that killed a President and Black leader get special treatment in the courts due to the cover up. The people that whacked MLK also whacked JFK….. oops Hope I did not spoil the 2017 surprise. 

This was confirmed *************************


A man named Earlie Story and a woman named Amy Burns are "ongoing" victims of the MLK cover up. Earlie Story STILL has sealed documents in his Tennessee court files. Amy Burns still suffers from "trumped up" charges from her money laundering future ex husband. Due to the issue of the statue of limitations on crimes done by " cover up profiteers" the people involved with those crimes (and their families/allies) know they have "card blanche" and can abuse people and the judges and prosecutors in Tennessee know they have "extra immunity" and this needs to stop NOW. 

Please lets figure out a way to give the people abused by the cover up justice. It will also give Martin Luther King justice. 

Ask Tennessee WHY Earlie Story is STILL has sealed documents? I have copies of the recently "unsealed" FBI documents so the sealed ones MUST be CIA. The fact that he has sealed documents shows that a man who was innocent and framed on charges because he whistle blew at the Memphis County jail that man was wronged and it's time for the FBI to make it right. 

Also I have some documents that show that the Congressman from ********* is linked to those that profited from CIA drug trafficking. Maybe you should ask ********** some questions? He went on a trip to Russia with ************** & the Boston Bombing is linked to the Haslam FBI raid (according to one of my sources). So I would think that the FBI would want to investigate the issues. OK - it's complicated. 

Has the CIA stopped drug trafficking ? I think not…. maybe ya'll should inspect the ****** planes a bit more and look into Congress************ husbands business. The contracts were a political kickback. 

Call me if you want information. I hope the Chicago FBI is planning on inspecting my computer that had a cyber attack.. if not tell me. Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

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