Thursday, December 12, 2013

***2nd Update***Project Spade Issue Discovered***UPDATE - Hard drive Evidence is ONLY Clear Indicated He Could Be a Perv*** Reid Weingarten - I'm Telling James Comey of the FBI (Already Told a Field Office) That Ryan Loskarn Could Have Been "Framed" to Discredit Him. He Worked For Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (Whose PAC's President is Kline Preston My Ex Lawyer Who Said His Brother Was Stephen Preston the NEW Top DOD Lawyer) Marsha Blackburn & Lamar Alexander BOTH Knew That Mitt Romney and the Haslam Family are Linked to Mike Loya at Vitol (He's on the Board of Pilot Flying J) & He Buys Iranian Oil and Skirts Sanctions. There's More to the Story... PLEASE Investigate- I Could Be Wrong and the Kid's a Total Perv... BUT I Was RIGHT About the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn "Framing" 3 Men as Spies. I Vindicated the Men and Was Then Bullied. I

The question my viewers is WHY has Project Spade NOT been brought up?

Also the Feds KNEW he bought porn in 2010 & they could have/ should have told the prominent Senator that he had a "compromised" staffer.  OMG!!!  Lamar is on a senate JUSTICE committee, Energy Committee & Dept of Defense committee I was asked about security clearances because the staffer that had a salary of 169K had access to classified info. Something is NOT kosher... Please investigate.

Politico did a good article & most of the evidence could be done by other BUT if the description done by investigators is TRUE then it looks bad for Ryan... Still the "timing"is bizarre and  he's linked to Tom Ingram.  I hope the FBI Investigates. 

"...Before agents entered his home in the quiet Hill East neighborhood, the court document states that Loskarn was observed “leaning outside the middle second window” and “appeared to be in a nervous state looking right and left.” “After approximately three to five seconds Loskarn made a motion as if he were placing something down outside the window and closed the window,” the document states. When agents entered the home, they examined that area and discovered a computer hard drive. They noted there was snow on the roof and ledge where the drive was found from a storm the day before, but no snow on the hard drive. Loskarn was read his Miranda rights, but waived them and spoke with the agents — he confirmed that he had a hard drive, but “did not admit” discarding it...."  Politico

Read more:

According to the Hill The FEDS knew in 2010 that he bought porn and did NOTHING until NOW!!! They knew the "same time" 
they framed the Renault spies too.. Ryan is linked to Tom Ingram too….

Something is FISHY!!!

Sen Alexander respectfully I'm tired of HYPOCRISY the fact is your connected to the Reagan era people "including" Howard Baker who profited from deals done during Iran Contra - The TN Govs brother has a board member at Pilot Flying J that "skirts" Iranian sanctions MIKE LOYA.  LOTS of people including Mitt Romney profit from Iran when others are not allowed to break sanctions... I learned "what" those aligned with Corker, Haslam, Alexander are doing is illegal and the DOJ does not have the courage to prosecute the people that violate US sanctions via Switzerland.  At minimum they should STOP the hypocrisy and not whine about President Obama and his Iran deal.... cause his deal with Iran is NOT as sleazy as theirs

Last night I wrote the FBI & DOD IGO saying I think Ryan Loskarn "could be" innocent.  He's one of the people I talked to last week that was supposed to help me end retaliation for whistle-blowing. Ex CIA that profit from NISSAN have terrorized me for over 4 years.  I also told Mr. Loskarn about issues in the Tennessee courts linked to Martin Luther King, the Lockerbie Bombing and FedEx. (the Earlie Story case) & I called Brian Coleman of the US Attorneys office last night. I'm waiting for him to call me back.

PLEASE FBI Investigate .... The late Marvin Runyon the former President of NISSAN North America  was a Post Master General and connected to the CIA. He was "close" to Lamar Alexander and I was told the "2nd" Generation Good Ole Boy is what has been terrorizing me.  It's a global group of bus and political leaders from the south.  Some call it the Southern Mafia.  I spend a day with Mr. Alexander in 1992 when he was in Sacramento as a surrogate speaker for Bush.

I did this press release about spies in January and they were not vindicated until March...

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