Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reid Weingarten:The Tennessean Gives Lamar Alexander Another PUFF Piece (a Haslam Ally) it's Getting a Little Nauseating -

Sen Alexander respectfully I'm tired of HYPOCRISY the fact is your connected to the Reagan era people "including" Howard Baker who profited from deals done during Iran Contra - The TN Govs brother has a board member at Pilot Flying J that "skirts" Iranian sanctions MIKE LOYA.  LOTS of people including Mitt Romney profit from Iran when others are not allowed to break sanctions... I learned "what" those aligned with Corker, Haslam, Alexander are doing is illegal and the DOJ does not have the courage to prosecute the people that violate US sanctions via Switzerland.  At minimum they should STOP the hypocrisy and not whine about President Obama and his Iran deal.... cause his deal with Iran is NOT as sleazy as theirs.

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