Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DOD Whistleblower Emails FBI, DOD IGO, Ed Gillespie, Tom Ingram & Others About Ryan Loskarn Possibly Being FRAMED By Those Linked to Carlos Ghosn & the Renault Spy Scandal & Iran Contra Profiteers... Linked to Lamar Alexander.

James Comey YOU Gotta get the FBI to interview Ryan Loskarn... I emailed him cause something is FISHY!!!  I told hiim about Earlie Story (MLK linked issue) Lockerbie Cover Up, Haslam & Romney doing business with IRAN and corruption linked to NISSAN.... Ouch!!! I thought he was going to "help me" then he gets ARRESTED?

Wanna hear some Post office stories from the Marvin Runyon days.... He was postmaster general and helped with the LOCKERBIE Bombing cover up....  at least "that's" what I was told.... 2nd hand source STILL a very credible one.

On Dec 11, 2013, at 8:19 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

I emailed Ryan Loskarn- Makes 169k a year most likely NOT Going to distribute porn- a photographer "ready" To take his perp walk pic. - Lamar has replacement Picked out and says even if innocent cant get job back. That and I talked to Ryan and "this" is too fishy!!

If I'm wrong let me know-odd that Feds let Lamar see what was on his computer ?
The mainstream media gave him a LOT Of press- usually they don't put peopl"accused" Of porn so prominently UNLESS they want somwones Image destroyed?

The people that did this "most likely" Linked to Renault faux spy scandal 
& Strauss Kahn too- people do stupid Things when there scared and "this"
Is stupid. That guy better be safe. Don't hurt him!

He could be guilty BUT I was right About Renault spies:)

This wreaks of FRAMING



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