Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Do Web stats Show the Russians Like This Blog? I Heard The Haslam Family is Connected to a Wealthy Russian Family..... Someone Investigate..... PLEASE

  I already Told this guy that I believe that people connectd to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn are linked to the Russian Mafia....                          PLEASE - I want to live a LONG life..  I do NOT believe that the Haslam family are connected to the Russian Mafia.... They are linked to Iranian profiteering... I have NOT done research on the HASLAM family being connected to the Russian Mafia....  NOBODY look at the connection with the death of Freddie Woodruff of the CIA in 1993.  NOBODY look at the "timing" of the Boston tragedy and "other" issues that were recently brought to light.. I know that it's a coincidence.. There is NO WAY there could be a connection with the Benghazi issue... That makes NO SENSE.  Also I do NOT answer any more called from BLOCKED #'s...

It's all about Russian Post Cold War "drama" .... if you want information ask Carlos Ghosn the CEO of NISSAN & Renault.... I'm serious!!

Hezbollah/Lebanese supporters are evil twisted people that support BOTH America and Terrorist..

They MUST be stopped!!!

New Look at a CIA Officer's Death

New York Times-Apr 28, 2013
STRASBOURG, France — The new government of Georgia is taking a new look at one of the unsolved mysteries left over from the chaotic ...

A reinvestigation could clear Sharmaidze of the murder, but it would also elicit a probe into Gogoladze, who made so many belying statements you'd think he was pathological. He's had an intriguing career — from the KGB to Shevardnadze's chief of security to vice president of the Cartu Group, Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili's bank.
The Justice Ministry may be earnest in getting to the bottom of the Woodruff case, but when it realizes this is really spy stuff it might take the FBI's lead by filing it "open unassigned" and walk away.

Read more:
The Moscow Times 

Aside from its profession of "serious doubts," it is unclear what has motivated the Georgian government to take a second look into the Woodruff case just now. Prosecutors already are facing a series of high-profile investigations into senior officials under the nearly nine-year rule of President Saakashvili’s United National Movement -- including a potential questioning of Saakashvili himself about the 2008 war with Russia -- that alone could prove a hefty burden.

 Speaking of spies, the Times’s Andrew Higgins wrote over the weekend that Georgian investigators are taking a second crack at solving the 1993 murder of a CIA official, Freddie Woodruff, in Tbilisi.  Georgian police blamed a “random shot” by a drunken soldier, but witnesses in the trial later recanted their testimony, saying they’d been tortured and forced to blame Woodruff’s death on the drunkard.


Freddie Woodruff CIA

Stephen Preston's so called "relative" (he will be deemed this UNTIL he signs an affidavid "under oath" saying he's NOT a relative of Stpehen Preston & or his connecteions to the CIA....
Stepehen Preston was the top DOD lawyer during Aldrich Ames era and held that positions when deals were cut with Russia on the Freddie Woodruff murder......
That issue is NOW being reinvestigated in Georgia & the facts might come out...

Haslam Family "in bed" with Hezbollah....

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