Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gannett Owned Tennessean Ignores the Jimmy Haslam Story. Bill Haslam the Tennessee Governor Gets "Puff Pieces"... By Reading the Local Paper You'd Think the Haslam Family is Fast Tracked for Sainthood. Seems Like Tennessee Will Remain #1 in Corruption Without a REAL Newspaper.. Maria De Varenne Go Back To California Your Useless. Laura Hollingsworth - Maybe Gannett Won't Hire Me Cause i Don't LIke the Balls of Corrupt People......

Gannett Shows Interest In Hiring Sharyn Bovat.... 

Other Companies Can't Get Past Her Conviction for a 1st Time Misdemeanor That Was "Trumped UP" To Discredit Her"... A Crime with a Maximum $50 Penalty - One That NEVER Should Have Been Brought to Trial. Bovat Sent Email to Access Justice Committee of the Tennessee Bar Association and CC'd the CIA. Sharyn Wanted to Work at the George Bush Center of Intelligence in Virginia BUT Sequester Hinders Govt Employment (Or Her Link to Iran Contra - Which Should Have NO Impact Since CURRENT Intelligence Leaders Ran Gun Running Operations in the 80's That are Linked to Bovat's Family & NISSAN executives). 

Sharyn Hopes Gannett Gives Her a Job ...She's NOW Considered the NISSAN Whistleblower, a CIA Whistleblower & the Tennessee Whistleblower. It's a LOT to digest. 

The Good News for Humanity is Sharyn Has LOTS of Time to Blog & Expose FRAUD (Until Her Image is Restored by NISSAN). Sharyn Will Join Toastmasters and Start Public Speeches About Continued Abuse of Taxpayer Money & The USA Funding a Company That Deals with IRAN.


Sharyn Bovat Can't Get a Job Due to NISSAN BULLYING

Maybe "if" someone explained WHY he needs to be in jail and OTHERS do NOT then I'd understand BUT as of NOW I and a LOT of other people do NOT understand WHY John Kiriakou is in jail?

  1. Op-Ed: Obama refuses to pardon or commute sentence of CIA ... hours ago
    Washington - Obama has not punished anyone for the torture practices revealed by the CIA whistle-blower John Kiriakou. Indeed, Obama has ...


Stephen Preston Cia


Michael Vickers CIA

OMG!!!  Stephen Preston Was Quash the Benghazi Talking Points....

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