Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whistleblower Reaching Out to People Connected Condoleezza Rice a Cleveland Browns Fan and Facebook Friend to Sharyn's Aunt - The Former Secretary of State Who RESPECTS All People to Ask If She Could Lead Effort to Free the Cleveland Browns Fans From Their Iranian Profiteering Good Ole Boy Elitist Owners....Lets Create a Free Market Solution That Lets the People of Ohio Own Their Home Town Team: Condoleezza Rice Could Give FREEDOM to Ohi0 (a Swing State:):)

Condoleezza Rice is a GOP Moderate But NOT Connected to Haslam Family Cronyism.

The fact is companies in Tennessee are not too fond of "black people".....

I will testify under oath that I was told racist comments by Haslam supporters.

Racism is a Tennessee thing & I'm not singling out  Pilot Flying J exclusively for discrimination it's "just" the culture in the South....

The Good Ole Boys have a clique and if you want to know more call me:

 Sharyn Bovat

Anyway- They don't like to promote women and I was told that they don't like Jewish accountants... They are "too accurate"....

OMG!!! women in NISSAN went from 20.9% women in management in 2006 down to 10% the year I whistle blew.  I have "internal NISSAN data" and the Tennessean owned by Gannett refuses to report it... Heck even Jalopnik reported it....

"Bovat contends while 21% of Nissan's managers were women in California, the share had fallen to 10% in 2009 following the move to Tennessee...."

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  1. Discrimination at NISSAN - Solyndra~NISSAN~Obama

    Discrimination at NISSAN. Tennessee is the MOST Corrupt State in America and it's run by a BUNCH of Good Ole Boys! Content copyright . sharynbovat.

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