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Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Has Proven Secrecy is "In" in Tennessee Politics.... Person Connected to Ingram Family Business Participated in Covering Up NISSAN Fraud and the Issue of Haslam and NISSAN Dealing with IRAN. Former Member of Delta Force Who Served Under General Schwarzkopf During Bush "H" Gulf War Met with Sharyn Bovat (Oddly One of Their Meetings Was In the Lamar Alexander Suite at the Nashville Sheraton.... Near the Bridgestone HQ).... He Offered to Be Bovat's "Snuggle Buddy".... Bovat Left the Hotel Room BEFORE She Slept with Him. She Later Learned He's Currently "Most Likely" a Consultant for a Saudi Owned Company. Sharyn Bovat Wants The ISSUE of the Haslam Family and the National Football League Letting an Owner Have a Business That Deals With IRAN Exposed. Sharyn Bovat is TERRIFIED..... Whistleblower Told that a Percentage of EVERY Ticket to a Browns Game Sold will indirectly Go to the Khomeini Regime. That's SCAREY!!!!

  1. McWherter camp: CVC's Iran tie is Evonik - Nashville Political Buzz ...

    Sep 19, 2010 – McWherter camp: CVC's Iran tie is Evonik ... Haslam and Iran is a German-based company, Evonik, the Knoxville News-Sentinel has reported.

  2. McWherter: From Haslam, to Pilot, to Luxembourg, to Iran? - Blogs ... › blogs › Humphrey on the Hill

    Sep 18, 2010 – McWherter: From Haslam, to Pilot, to Luxembourg, to Iran... "The Haslams sold half of their Pilot oil empire to CVC Capital establishing an ...

  3. McWherter suggests Haslam has roundabout business ties to Iran ...

    Sep 20, 2010 – CVC invests in a company called Evonik Industries, which operates in... by invoking Iran, that Haslam has ties to a possible nuclear program ...

  4. Haslam. Islam. A-Bomb. Think About It | Pith in the Wind

    Sep 20, 2010 – News Flash: Haslam Solves Health Ca… » ... Pressed on whether he actually was accusing Haslam and Pilot of helping fund Iran's nuclear ambitions, ... In 2008, Pilot Corp. sold half of Pilot Travel Centers to CVC Capital ...

Lets get the Secret OUT that the Haslam Family Does Business with IRAN Through One of Their Companies.....

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Governor Bill Haslam is not revealing how much he personally pays lobbyist and consultant Tom Ingram.
NewsChannel 5 Investigates first discovered that Governor Haslam has been paying Ingram out of his own pocked since 2011.
Ingram offers political advice and consultation to other prominent politicians, but they pay him out of campaign funds and fully disclose all payments.
Ingram lists on his website that he is a "consultant to Senators Alexander, Corker and Governor Haslam."

The corruption in Tennessee is Bi-Partisan..... BOTH former Governor Bredesen and Current Governor Haslam are CORRUPT!!!
Below from my blog about a year ago... It was a person connected to the Ingram Family that "fixed me up with Michael as my bridge partner".......

 Michael Thomason worked as an appointee of the Bredesen He lied to me about what
 he did. About 18 months ago In DC I was tipped off that he was spying on me and 
Chris Clark of the Vanderbilt bridge club told me "that was ridicules" 
(she worked/works for INGRAM) He quit playing bridge with me the same week that Bredesen left.

I've confronted him and members of the state senate know and immediatly he was taken "off" the state of 

Tennessee website My other bridge partner was also Michaels other bridge partner and that was Mira Yamaoka

  1. Mira Yamaoka was the granddaughter of a man that owned the hotel across the street 
    from the American Embassy in Japan (he was a spy for AMERICA).
  2. Mira befriended me while NISSAN was bullying me and she offered "moral support"...... 
    She's a clinical hypnotherapist (who does really well investing.... in this market she made 
    a LOT of money in green stocks) I asked Mira to do hypnotherapy on my when 
    NISSAN executives had people harass me by following me and I was "stressed" 
    later I was diagnosed with PTSD.
Mira told me that she could "not" work with me because of "who I used to work for" I asked her 
"how she knew" and she said she "got a call"... so the lady that could NOT help he with 
hypnotherapy that i wanted due to my PTSD (again that happened with NISSAN's head of Corp. 
Security Rob Trayham ordering people to follow and harass me ....) I was told by the friend of the 
late Marvin Runyon that Rob from NISSAN was used to stop people that wanted to "go union" . 
Evidently I got the "preferred" treatment. It's was HORRIBLE!!!

Mira Yamaoka's portfolio of "mostly" non compliant ENERGY stocks has had gone from about 
1,000,000 to almost 3,000,000 mainly she invest in ENERGY's twisted but true.....

Petition to Impeach Lamar Alexander Could Have Been VALID Had It Been About the Issue of Lamar Alexander "aiding" the Haslam family & NISSAN in doing business with IRAN.   

Office of Congressman Phil Roe,
   In a time of sure uncertainty and with concern of the future of our Nation, We the People of Tennessee, request that this petition of impeachment be brought before the House of Representatives for voting.
We are petitioning for the impeachment and legal trial of Senator Lamar Alexander for the crime of treason. (the fact is Lamar should be tried for TREASON for supporting companies like Pilot Flying J & NISSAN North America that do business in IRAN.... sadly the people then stated their cause for the treason charge....)Senator Alexander took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America and has directly broken the law by introducing the Internet Sales Tax Mandate. Furthermore Senator Alexander’s support of the Obama Administration’s Anti Gun Laws and Bills is evidence of his disobedience and negligence to the constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Senator Alexander’s only responsibility is to uphold the constitution and represent the voice of Tennessee citizens in the Senate. We the People of Tennessee are disgusted by his conduct and ashamed to have him seated in the Senate.
We the People of Tennessee will not tolerate crimes of treason by any elected official and we will have our voices heard. Thank you Congressman, for your time and effort in bringing this before the House.
This letter shall serve as a formal petition for impeachment of United States Senator Lamar Alexander for the crime of Treason.

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