Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is a Rutherford County Trucking Company Getting Ready to Sue Haslam Too....

I pitched on a different blog the name of a movie called "Operation Airhead"   NOW I'm thinking of a movie based on the Haslam deception and their deals with Ex Nazi... Maybe Spielberg could do a movie called "Jimmy's List"....

The fact that Jewish leaders KNOW about this and have stayed silent is DISGUSTING!!!!

Below was just posted on my blog to Senator Dianne Feinstein...  It shows that the people connected to the Haslam family are linked to Terrorism.  The NISSAN CEO needs to testify under oath to the congressional "intel" committee.  He knows about Lockerbie and other acts of Terrorism.  Maybe 9-11 too....  Come one the world deserves the TRUTH!!!

Note to Michael Vickers - Maybe you can tell your "Hollywood Friends" I want to go to law school & need to fund it.  I can't get a job because NISSAN keeps bullying me for whistle blowing.    Maybe I'll sell my story as the SEQUAL to Charlie's War?   

Also - if you have access to Tom Hanks tell him a few years ago he made a comment on Inside the Actors Studio, he told the guy with the index cards that he went to a "crappy college"  then he said it was Sacramento State (in California) I went there and his comments pissed me off.  Tell Mr. Hanks he was my favorite actor UNTIL he said that.  It's NOT nice to insult someone.  Thank you,  Sharyn Bovat  

PS... Please Tell Stephen Preston to call me 615-944-7599.  This guy told me he was his brother BUT the dude support Assad... it makes NO SENSE? 
Years ago my grandfather told me that ONLY the people that "make" the messes can clean them up.  

They know WHO the players are.... So maybe Michael Vickers was needed. 

Still I did NOT need to be TERRORIZED.  A guy connected to Blackwater communicated to me that CIA "helped create Al Qaeda".... it was better for the MIC to have a "roaming enemy".... No more targeting individual nations and the need for the war toys would be INDEFINITE  The guys that make the weapons are SMART.

So this stinger missile thing is intriguing.  I got a call OVER a year ago about one in Mexico that was sold from IRAN to a cartel.  The question is WAS Benghazi part of a stinger "buy back"...

We really should put a few military bases "on the border".....  

Seriously, Lets keep a BIG and STRONG military and "cut bank" on 200k a year contractors.  

YES!!!  I know their talented BUT the military needs to have the BEST and too many after service flee to the private sector and NOW too many young people.

Diversity means "age" too...  

Note to John Brennan: How's my application? 

Sir, I hear the CIA is going back to "old school"... Lets face it the techniques of relationship building and building of trust are NOT ones that people like Ryan Fogle are good at.  I have great sources that KNOW I'm a person of character... One that has values that RESPECT all people.... 

When I was in DC someone working on the sexual assault issue listened to the issues I blogged about. OMG!!! It was impressive seeing that Chuck Hagel "really does" have people working to stop it.  

"...Hanks’s movie (based on George Crile’s book) might have taken some 
liberties with Vickers’ character. But his background in covert action is unparalleled for a public figure. He served over a decade in Special Forces in the 1970s before joining the CIA. In the 1980s, Vickers hunted terrorists in Lebanon with a CIA “operational task force” and played a leading role for the agency in the 1983 invasion of Grenada. That was all before he became the “principal strategist” for what he later described to Congress (PDF) as “the largest and most successful covert action program in the CIA’s history”: the U.S.-supported Afghan insurgency against the Soviets. During that time, he became tight with a certain senior CIA official named Robert Gates...."

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