Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reid Weingarten - This Lockerbie Bombing Thing is STRESSING Me Out... Luckily for Me I Learned Living in the Netherlands 1998-2001 During the Railroading of Megrahi that the Cure to PTSD is Organic and In Colorado I Can Be Normal & Not Have the STRESS of Living with PTSD: People That Have Seen EVIL Can Relax in Denver & Colorado Springs - I Was Told LOTS of Vets Are Moving There.... Still I'm Worried I'll Gain Weight.....You Know the "Munchi Thing".... Reid Do YOU Want to Invest in a NEW Business? Maybe Ask Jimmy Haslam... Heck He's Used to Dealing with People Linked to Drug Trade... This Time it Will Be LEGAL .... Thinking of Opening a Coffee Shop Call 'SpyHigh"......:):)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@icloud.com>
Subject: Frank Duggan of Lockerbie Cover Up Team DEBATE Challenge - GANNETT I want YOU to Moderate 
Date: March 11, 2014 at 7:07:22 PM CDT
To: "fduggan@comcast.net" <fduggan@comcast.net>, "rblackqc@outlook.com" <rblackqc@outlook.com>, "RMarquise@aol.com" <RMarquise@aol.com>, "darrellwmills@msn.com" <darrellwmills@msn.com>, "richard.jeffs@communication-consultants.co.uk" <richard.jeffs@communication-consultants.co.uk>, "cstanbrook@mwe.com" <cstanbrook@mwe.com>, Mark Silverman <4msilverman@gmail.com>, "sir.johnorr@yahoo.co.uk" <sir.johnorr@yahoo.co.uk>, brian murtagh <bmurtagh3@verizon.net>, "jmgaines@gannett.com" <jmgaines@gannett.com>, "jheinz@gannett.com" <jheinz@gannett.com>, "jlorourk@syr.edu" <jlorourk@syr.edu>, Anita Househam <househam@un.org>
Cc: "Mark@markzaid.com" <Mark@markzaid.com>

Message to Frank Duggan, the  Lockerbie Cover Up Team (sadly I was told people at Syracuse have become part of the cover up) & Gannett Elite. 

Sit, it's time you the the "truth" happen. As an American I'm embarrassed by your statements. Lets have a DEBATE on TV or radio- you sir are well versed on Lockerbie and will have "home court" advantage. I want YOU to convince me & more important AMERICA that I'm wrong - Frank let's set it up? 

How about GANNETT being a sponsor? 

Jeremy it will be good PR- Gannett allowing for TRANSPARENT dialogue. Heck -After Silverman screwed me (two ways)

Because a leader at Gannet lied to me & who ALSO thinks Iran did it yet did not "report" abuse done to me  I think ya'll at the Chrystal Palace owe me the chance to tell America WHY I think Iran did it. It will make "great press" heck isn't that what a paper is for?

Is suppression gonna continue about Lockerbie? 

Naw-I think NOT - I got a couple reporters that contacted me recently & I just 
Sent some data to Al Jazeera.

FYI  a few weeks ago I had a nice chat with Mark Zaid...i like him even though he wont help me fight Nissan who "outed" me and forced me into whistle blowing (i never wanted to talk ya'll) 
Anyway something's were recently confirmed to me....  & a former power player told me to "be respectful" to the Old Guard... (The cover up team- you know who you are)  Yet I need to "drive home" the fact that someday - sooner or later the truth will be exposed & some of ya'll will be outed as being the frauds, liars & greedy hypocrites that represent the WORST of America.

Have a great night!


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