Friday, March 21, 2014

Reid Weingarten- I'm Gonna Make YOU a Peep Diorama to Explain HOW Jimmy & Bill Haslam Profit From Putin & Khomeini & are Connected to the Lockerbie Cover Up- Yes It's Weird BUT The Mainstream Media Won't Report the Story That Iran Did the Lockerbie Bombing. A Blackwater Source Says the Clinton's are Part of the Cover Up and Ed Gillespie Made 2 Million From the Cover Up.... So the ONLY Way to Uncover the Cover Up is to Communicate in Out of the Box Ways... I'll Have to Open LOTS of Peep Boxes to Make It Cause It's REAL Complicated.

Picture of Sharyn drawn by her child....notice the shirt... she thinks my computer is attached to me....
  Reid- I'll be back on Monday- I've  been inspired to explain all the corruption & abuse done to me in a "fun" way that will help me bond with my child. I'll show: HOW the State of Tennessee &  Haslam's are corrupt in an "out of the box way"... I'm gonna make PEEP Diorama's to show NISSAN fraud - the Mainstream Media participation in the  Lockerbie Cover Up and How your client Pilot Flying J & the Haslam Family Profits from Putin and Khomeini - that will get the attention of some...  YES it's weird BUT I've tried everything else and Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore of Gannett Keep ignoring fraud....

Here's some inspiration:Lots of contest to join-It'll be fun!!!

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