Monday, March 17, 2014

Reid Weingarten - Tell Jimmy & Bill Haslam Today I'm Enjoying the Holiday That Means James Comey the FBI is Getting NO Faxes Today BUT I'll l Be Back Tomorrow With NEW Allegations & Data Linking the Governor of Tennessee with Putin & Khomeini ...& Blogging on HOW People Profited from the Cover Up of the Lockerbie Bombing... People That I Met With 2 Years Ago are Reporting It Was Iran & NOW Everyone Know Pilot Flying J Has Been Secretly Buying Iranian Oil.... They Know that Deals Were Done in the Reagan Era... (Deals I Do NOT Think the Reagan's Knew About Too) Anyway-Today I'm Reflecting on ALL the Holidays I Missed with Members of My Family Because I Whistle Blew...I Have NOT Seen My Mom In About 3 Years... I Was Told Her Alzheimers is Getting Worse.. She Will NOT Know I'm OK. Hopefully in Heaven She'll Hear... I Cry a Lot but Spend More Time Helping Other Whistleblowers... & I'm Set on Helping to Free John Kiriakou: Mr Weingarten Can YOU Please Tell Your Best Friend Eric Holder "if" You Meet Up with Him for a Green Beer... Can YOU Ask Him to Commute the Sentence of John Kiriakou - The Guy Was Railroaded... If You Want Proof Ask Leon Panetta:):) Lean Panetta Attends the SAME Country Club as My Mom... I Was Told a Whislteblower Was Being "Set Up" to Be an Example to Scare Others... This Was Told to Me When i Whistle blew... People are Scared of What I Will Say... The FACT is the ONLY Classified Stuff i Blogged About I DID NOT Know Was Classified. Evidently It "Freaked" People Out That I Knew So Much.. Only 90% of What I Blog is True... NOBODY Will Tell Me What's NOT True.. Cause They Don't Want Me to Know What's Real... huh.. Anyway.. I'm Telling the Truth About John Kiriakou Being Railroaded... You'd Think that John O' Brennan Would Take Mercy on St Patricks Day... it's Time to Respect Whisteblowers- Please Ask Eric Holder to Help John Kiriakou & GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

America is MAD..... someone explain this?

Sharyn Bovat was RIGHT about Lockerbie Coverup Profiteering... It Looks like Booz Allen Hamilton is profiteering from the "Snowden" leaks.... Didn't James Clapper work there? 
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