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Reid Weingarten Can You Tell Eric Holder to Help IC Whistleblower Advocate Dan Meyer He Was Appointed to a Job That President Obama Created to HELP Whistleblowers. I Think He NOW Being Bullied for Helping Whistleblowers... I Want James Comey and the FBI to Investigate Leon Panetta & Mike Vickers Too.... It's Important for America!... Also Bad News for the Haslam Family... DOD Connected Source Wants Me to Expose his Illegal Deals With People Linked to the Russian Mafia...You Might Get a BIG Check for All the Extra Work...Maybe Mike Loya at Vitol Will Want you Too... Hey I Need a Job I Can Be Your Personal Assistant and Run All Your Money to the Bank For YOU?

 Dan Meyer whose job is to help whistleblowers is being accused of doing something that is ridicules. I think he's being bullied because he was gonna help me. His job was created by President Obama 

Last month I Personally spoke to Dan Meyer- sent stuff to him via his secret Reston "drop box" he knew Panetta and Vickers were corrupt and I wanted him to help me. I also sent him a letter saying I was told by a good source John Kiriakou was railroaded at the order or Leon Panetta to scare others from Whistleblowing. Mr. Weingarten I've offered to take a lie detector test too... 

Sir I'm still looking for legal help & I've talked to the world's best whistleblower lawyers even Jesselyn Radack too-she's Snowden's lawyer FYI- I wanted her to represent me against NISSAN for "outing" me & to help stop the abuse done to me by the CIA but understandably she's a "little" busy.  Thinking "out of the box" I'm making it my goal is to get Snowden back safely so she'll have time to help others including Earlie Story the guy that knows Martin Luther King issues... The FBI abused him and STILL nobody cares.  I thought Dan Meyer would help him too.  

"..A candidate to replace CIA director David Petraeus, who worked in Panetta’s office as a top adviser, Michael Vickers, was found to have provided filmmakers with the “restricted name of a US Special Operations Command officer who helped plan the May 2, 2011, raid on bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan,” according to McClatchy. The draft report from the IG’s office had the potential to be politically sensitive if released.

Now, the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) has published a report by Adam Zagorin that indicates that Dan Meyer, a Pentagon employee, provided the unclassified report drafted by the IG’s office to Congress..."

FYI after I ditched Mark Silverman as my CIA handler
a relative of President Obama's called me and has sent me emails...

NOW the person linked to top DOD officials wants me to expose this: Your clients the Haslam's are gonna get BUSTED! 

At least orange jumpsuits are UT colors....
Jimmy & Bill Haslam deserve jail for what they did... maybe well make Leon Panetta and Mike Vickers their bunkmates... Tell your best friend they want to go to Loretto I hear that John Kiriakou is a great guy... he's ethical too he complained about torture.

Good news is all the "drama" about whistleblowers is starting to make sense- but the truth is UGLY- fyi My KNOWING about flight MH370 before the Press conference has given me a LOT of credibility.

Why the CIA wanted to Discredit me and WHY they hack my computers and have Mossad & Egyption Army people follow me- befriend me- terrorize me. 
HISTORY for a short time in 1993 I date a FBI guy who was living in Carmel and attending DLI (Defense Language Institute: He was sent by the Clinton Admin to hunt Bin Ladin.Over the years a few people gave me updates on him- I never googled Mike's name or mentioned his name on the phone... He was a great guy and I hope he's enjoying his life in Singapore: Mike was the guy the CIA misled/lied too about information that could have prevented the 9-11 attacks.  The FBI was pissed..

People have approached me that were part of the 9-11 commission. Also a Blackwater source that told me the 3 men accused at Renault of being spies were innocent & the proof the NISSAN CEO declared he had on National TV (French)  Renault had purchased the "proof" and were framing the me and it had not been completed.. the phony bank accounts had not been finished... So i blogged about it and emailed reporters and the embassy and it stopped the malicious attacks on 3 men in France- they were offered their jobs back  offered settlement.

The CIA & their "allies" were used to help the NISSAN CEO were also part of the group that framed Strauss Kahn - a socialist that was going to be the biggest challenger to the Pro CIA Sarkozy. The CIA probably learned from hacking me that I had communicated to a Le Pen supporter urging them to NOT vote in the election.  that probably created more  CIA retaliation...  Here's the BIGGY

The Blackwater source told me that they knew YEARS  before Bin Ladin's death where he was & did NOTHING cause they needed to keep the wars going so they would have their contracts approved. 

The FBI must have known this and the CIA too... there has been a LONG war between the two agencies...

 The Monterey Peninsula Country Club that my family belongs to (since the 50's) is a Super Spook club (CIA) & Leon Panetta belongs there... It was there I learned a guy was getting "railroaded" (John Kiriakou) it was being done to scare whistleblower. I think I was told because I had whistle blowen at NISSAN (about fraud & discrimination) and when the President of NISSAN North America Carlos Tavares (now the CEO Peugeot) believe what i was saying about a corrupt Good Ole Boy network leading HR was true he let me blog about the issues... He had his IT guy Jeff Draper call me AFTER the blog started... It was after I blogged on 9-11 2009 that the World Trade Center 9-11 attack was preventable that people "freaked out"... I never disclosed unclassified information.. heck I do not know what is classified and what is not. I was just a researcher for CIA operatives. My grandfather and mom were CIA... but they were part of an elite cover group... one that did some creepy stuff.  I met Leon Panetta while with my grandfather at the Ava Maria nursing home. He and my grandfather did the "secrecy gesture" to show they were both in the same club. I'm not talking about the Country Club I'm talking about the "CIA clique".... 

So I was jailed 3 times and Mike Vickers the top Intel guy that organized the Egyptian coup (hows that working out?) his relative Cal Vickers works at NISSAN and reported to a friend of mine Catherine Perez...  They told me a lot cause they knew I had a CIA background-I did NOT know they knew it at the time... Some accused me of using an "allies" but It was my married name. What I do know is that when I whistle blew the CIA was scared.   People linked to Leon Panetta and Mike Vickers destroyed my life... Those people are directly connected to Carlos Ghosn.. a man who succeed in life cause his dad worked in Aviation in Brazil and was part of Operation Condor...  It's ugly.

It's my allegation that because they feared I would reach out to Mike Dorris (FBI) they did a major slander campaign against me.  

NOW I connected the dots back to 9-11 & believe the Lockerbie Truth today is still elusive because the "same people" that messed up with Lockerbie played a role in allowing the attack on US soil to happen.. or at a minimum let CIA vendor intel be quashed just to keep a way going longer....  This needs to be investigated..

I apologize for swearing on the video but I've been fighting corrupt people with high-level CIA connections for a long time & they destroyed my life. I need to get a job and health insurance but the politicians I knew have profited from the needless wars. I need help.. I need a miracle... heck AMEIRCA needs help. Please listen and insist on Senate Hearings.. PUBLIC Hearings....

Let expose the Lockerbie Truth and let America heal from the generation that followed the Greatest Generation... I'm call the the Post WW2 Generation The CREEPIEST Generation 

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