Thursday, June 27, 2013

NFL Owners Want Jimmy Haslam to Sell.... The Scandal Opens the Doors to "Other" Doors.....

Some NFL Owners WANT Jimmy Haslam to "sell" the Browns-the Scandal opens the door to "others".... It's BEST for the NFL if the Haslam family does the honorable thing & "moves on" it's not as if their hearts have always been with Cleveland The fact is Pilot Flying J was "downgraded" and the company took on debt just to buy the NFL franchise.

When Bill Haslam became Governor of Tennessee one of his 1st priorities, after making sure the disclosure laws would not hurt he or his "friends" - one of his top priorities was "bond rating" well there was a reason.  Tennessee counties have a LOT of debt.   Property taxes in Rutherford County just went up almost 20% and the average person does NOT understand "debt service"..... 

Seems like the Haslam's have a "credit addiction"....  Heck when Michael Jordan had a "problem" he was sent to play baseball for a couple of years.  Why can't we give the Haslam family a "time out" too.  

Lets get a "Green Bay" deal for Cleveland..... 
It's time the average people in America were RESPECTED!!!   

If necessary, Mr. Haslam says, Pilot could pay its debt down quickly.  How?
For the first time ever, in April, he was excluded from an executive session of a Pilot board meeting as it decided to hire Reid Weingarten, prominent white collar criminal defense lawyer, to conduct an independent audit.

Below are excerpts from a Wall Street Journal Article that gives a great summary of ALL that's happened....
 As the Haslams have always done, they examine the sayings of Coach Neyland for guidance. Big Jim is focusing on Maxim #3 these days. When the game goes against you, he says, "don't slow down and get rattled. Put on more steam. Well, this is what we're doing now."
John Freeman, Pilot's vice president of sales, is alleged to have told staff members: "Hey, this is a game. We're playin' f— poker with funny money, and it's liar's poker with funny money because of all this cost-plus stuff."
The affidavit doesn't formally accuse any Pilot employee with wrongdoing. At one point, however, the affidavit states that a confidential informant told agents "that the Rebate Fraud has occurred with the knowledge" of Jimmy Haslam and Pilot President Mark Hazelwood because rebate fraud activities were discussed at sales meetings in which both men were present. "Mark Hazelwood has not done anything wrong," said Rusty Hardin, Mr. Hazelwood's attorney.
By last year, according to examples in the affidavit, the alleged rebate scheme was getting harder to pull off. Logistics-minded customers like Mesilla were becoming a big headache—hiring consultants, using software and demanding documentation

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