Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam Pilot Flying J Story Silent. The Link is Oil Sales and an Oligarch. Bill and Jimmy Haslam Linked to Ex CIA & Current DOD Spook Michael Vickers (Remember the Movie Charlie Wilson's War). Kline Preston - Marsha Blackburns PAC President is Publically Supporting Assad in Syria and Gets LOTS of Money From Putin's Government. UNTIL Sharyn Say Story of Steven Seagal in Russia with Michele Bachmann and Dana Rohrabacher Bovat Remained Silent. NISSAN Whistleblower Raised By Family Connected to CIA Gun Running. Michael Vickers Was Appointed By President Obama to Lead Clandestine Unit for DOD.... It's Complicated BUT TEnnessee Was Allowed by Feds for Too Long to Act Corrupt. It's TIme the Haslam Family Was Accountable to Humanity

Reid Weingarten 
Chew On This.....

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