Monday, June 17, 2013

Jimmy Haslam's Brother BIll Haslam Leads a State That's #1 in Corruption....The Hurt the Lives of Hardworking People That Challenge Them. When Tennessee Good Ole Boys Want to Bring Someone Down... They Punch Below the Belt. Detective Jim Tramel is "Most Likely" a Victim of Selective Persecution. Tennessee Must Want to Hold Onto #1 Corrupt Title?

"....The firing was made official a day after Rutherford County’s constitutional officers, including the sheriff, met with the county attorney and the human resources director to discuss whether county employees can be fired for seeking political office...."

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  1. During one of our foosball outings, billionaire Jon Yarbrough bragged to me that he is friends with TN Gov Bill Haslam and has influence on pending bills. Jon said he can pick up a phone and call TN Gov Bill Haslam and voice his opinion on pending bills. Is this TN corruption...???