Wednesday, June 5, 2013

***UPDATE*** Local Source Tells NISSAN Whistleblower Haslam Issue are Part of MULTI Company Investigation- One That Darrell Issa Ignored. Jim Rogers of Duke Energy Will Barely Get Bruised. The TVA, Pilot Flying J, & Other Green Companies to Catch Fire.... Tesla is SAFE Due to Saudi Support.... Marsha Blackburn Could Get BURNED!!!

About an 2 Hours After My Post... This Popped... The TVA is Loaded with Problems.  The former Head of the Tennessee Valley Authority Told me "to my face" at a cocktail party Mr. Mike Duncan that "Cronyism- Good Ole Boy management is WHY it was failing".....  

NRC Increases Oversight Of Sequoyah Nuclear Plant For Flood-Related Violations

The Chattanoogan - ‎1 hour ago‎
After reviewing the NRC inspections and information presented by TVA at the conference, the NRC staff concluded that TVA did not establish adequate flood protection for the potential failure of upstream dams. The NRC staff has classified that violation as ...

NRC increases oversight at TVA's Watts Bar nuclear plant

Power Engineering Magazine - ‎56 minutes ago‎
NRC staff held a conference with TVA officials in April to review inspections and information presented by TVA. The NRC staff concluded that the Watts Bar staff would not be able to implement some of their flood mitigation procedures within the time specified.

NRC increases oversight at two TVA nuclear power stations

PennEnergy (press release) - ‎12 minutes ago‎
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) operates the The Watts Bar and Sequoya plants, which are both located on lakes that are part of the Tennessee River system. The location of the plants means both nuclear facilities must each account for potential ...

"This is the Most Important Election in My Lifetime..." Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour - In Reference to the Mitt Romney Election

By the End of Summer... We'll Know WHAT Haley Barbour Was Talking About. 

Local Source Tells NISSAN Whistleblower Haslam Issue are Part of MULTI Company Investigation.  
The TVA Proposed Sale Will Show Obama Administration is NOT Part of That Corrupt Energy Good Ole Boy Network...

It's Said Lamar Alexander is Sitting in the Middle of a Minefield... One That "He" Created.
Due to Obama Winning the Big Time Obama Donor Jim Rogers  the Duke Energy Fiasco Will "Play Out Quietly" - Mitt's Friends Won't Be as Lucky - Sorry 2%.

My Opinion... If They're Corrupt **** Em....OK We Can Persecute the Corrupt Democrats in 2016.... Oops the Way the GOP is Looking that Civil War Will Be LONG TERM and Maybe the Jim Rogers Types Will NEVER Face Justice... Duke Energy Ratepayers have a 5.5% increase due to Cronyism that's Linked to Jim Rogers and the Haslam Family...

The Good News for the Hardworking Taxpayers is James Comey the New FBI Nominee Lkes to Go After White Collar Crimes and in Tennessee That Happens WAY Too Much....

The Haslams were BIG Supporters of Mitt Romney and the Haslam Family is BIG with Lamar Alexander ....  It was said this scandal AFTER if unfolds is BIGGER than ENRON....

Duke Energy
Pilot Flying J
Solar Companies... Hemlock and Wacker

Ingram - Tisch - Haslam - Alexander - (Some Say Corker) - Romney... Not Just Pilot Flying J...

  1. The farce that is Darrell Issa

    Salon-by Joan Walsh-10 hours ago
    Democrats love to hate the silly, camera-chasing Issa, who came to power in 2011 promising to put the White House under generalized ..

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Darrell Issa Give the NISSAN CEO a Subpoena at the NEXT Saint George Hospital 

Gala. Darrell Issa YOU Need to Investigate Darrell Issa AFTER the IRS Probe....

 He Did NOT Aggressively Pursue an Investigation of NISSAN North America a 

Company That Got 1.4 Billion for a Dept. of Energy Loan. NISSAN Does Business 

in IRAN - NISSAN Used an IDB Bond As Collateral for the DOE Loan. NISSAN is NOT 

Liable "if" the Leaf Fails and The Technology Used from the NISSAN Leaf is 

OUTDATED... Even Elon Musk Admitted That....

Darrell Issa I could NOT understand why YOU did NOT pounce at the NISSAN fraud. 

My life is HELL as a whistleblower and YOU have a "conflict of interest" with the NISSAN CEO.
This "grandstanding" your doing is hurting the country. Sir, either "do your job" and protect the taxpayers and stop fraud or resign.  

Lawyers Who Backed Obama Advised on Failed Loan Programs

"... According to the Web site, Paul/Weiss was tasked with reviewing loan documents for Tesla, Nissan North America and Magna E-Car Systems. During the three election cycles that cover 2008 to 2012, Paul/Weiss employees donated $889,144 to Democrat candidates and committees, and $154,290 to their Republican counterparts, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. President Obama received $130,202 from Paul/Weiss during the same period, while 2008 GOP nominee Sen. John McCain received $29,200. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received $5,750. Jeh Johnson, an Obama bundler who became the president’s chief counsel at the Pentagon, was also a Paul/Weiss partner from 2000 to 2008..."  Paul Chesser NLPC

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