Sunday, June 9, 2013

HELLO FBI Employee Who Reads This Blog... The Haslam PAC Gives to Marsha Blackburn's PAC and THe President of Her PAC Kline Preston is a BIG TIME Putin/Assad Supporter:

Copy of FILED complaint against the President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC and Haslam Allie Kline Preston....   Then keep's SCARY!!!

Below are actual text messages from Kline Preston... PLEASE read the text messages that he sent to me and then ask the CIA General Council about his DNA.

I have a really good reason to need a restraining order against KLINE Preston.. BUT is the State of Tennessee on the side of Assad?  They have been helping the allies of IRAN by persecuting me.... 

Kline gets a LOT of Business from RUSSIA... I was told that Russia played a role in the Boston Bombing... It's "possible" that the bombing was done at the time to be a "diversion" to the Haslam FBI raid.  I hope and think that's being investigated.  Still I worry about my safety for Kline Preston to post an aritcle from the Russia Times about a WHISTLEBLOWER getting murdered and the Russian Mafia being able to escape justice that gives me "little" hope that I will ever get justice in Tennessee.  Kline Preston is "most likely" a lawyer for people linked to the Russian mafia.  I'm a person that is known for NOT liking unethical people.  That said... I'm not actively looking to bring down the Russian mafia... I want everyone in the world to get RESPECT &there is no reason for the Russian mafia or their legal allies to want me "whacked"...  

Did I ever put on my blog that I told Kline Preston that I
talked to Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012 and thought he would "break the story" of the NISSAN fraud.  I told Kline...  A few weeks later he was murdered and about a week later the SAME person that told me in 2010 to use Kline as a lawyer told me that Breitbart was murdered.  He said 100% and he had a good source.   That is the same person that invited me to the dinner that was also attended by the person Kline told me was a Mossad agent......  That person is NOT linked to the CIA... it's just a friend of Kline's and they're a good person....  Can someone investigate this?  

For Kline Preston to post this.... while he's fighting me in court is scary...  

Has I posted an article about a lawyer being murdered and the "most likely" person responsible escaping justice I would think he would make an issue out of it.  Kline Preston is SMART... He uses 
a LOT of CIA psych crap.... PLEASE someone tell the Russian mafia I'm a decent human being who-wants NISSAN to simply "give me my reputation back"  I do NOT want to be murdered.   Everyone Knows that the CEO of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn is linked to the Russian Mafia.... and nobody in Tennessee cares.... Probably because the Governor is linked too...  Lots of OIL is in Russia.....

  1. Nissan Whistleblower: Letter Sent to Marsha Blackburn About CIA ...
    Dec 28, 2012 – Letter Sent to Marsha Blackburn About CIA Retaliation to Whistleblower. ... Below will explain WHY I do not feel comfortable with Kline Preston.

Is Kline Preston Related to Stephen Preston and is Kline PReston connected to the CIA? If so what the hell to we have a Putin sympathizer working in the intelligence community and WHY does Marsha Blackburn "let" him lead her PAC?

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