Saturday, April 27, 2013

Note to Feds: Hemlock Semiconductor & Tennessee Tech Grad Michael Pearson Most Likely Needs No Immunity BUT He Should Talk to Feds with NO Pressures. Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr Need to Be Investigated They're Linked to Sharyn Bovat's Malicious Prosecution. Still The Haslam Family Invested in Solar Companies That Took a LOT of Taxpayer Money Via CVC Capital Partners..... Sharyn Was Told Mitt Romney Profited From Some of the Same Companies.... Mitt Had a Blind Trust.... Luckily NOW the Taxpayers Eyes are Open....

Note to Feds:
Lets Get Michael Pearson an Immunity Deal
Lets get ALL those the helped commit a massive fraud in Tennessee.
That includes Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr

Sharyn Bovat told Solar scams in Tennessee linked to Bredesen and Haslam... The dots are coming together....

Please INVESTIGATE... I have a LOT more and others are working on it too.. Still we need the feds to make sure that American 401K owners are NOT taken advantage of.

Mitt might have actually helped create the 47% and that makes me sad.  It's time for the people that are leaders and those that want to be leaders to RESPECT the taxpayers.

CVC Capital Partners invests in Evonik

First published in Cleantech magazine, September 2008. Copyright Cleantech Investor Ltd. 2008
CVC Capital Partners is said to have acquired a 25.1% shareholding in diversified energy business Evonik for €2.4 billion from German foundation RAG Stiftung.
Evonik is a chemicals, traditional and alternative energy and property conglomerate headquartered in Essen, Germany. The company employs around 43,000 staff and recorded sales of about €14.4 billion in 2007, with operating profit of €1.35 billion in the same year.  
Apparently, drivers behind the successful CVC bid  - besides the price offered  - are the investor´s experience in the chemical and energy industries and its long-standing presence in Germany. The new investors also plan to take Evonik to the public markets in the mid-term.
On the financing side, it is rumoured that the deal was supported by 50% cash and the remainder in debt, underwritten by a pool of German banks as well as Merrill Lynch.  

Seit August 2004 vertreibt die Evonik Tego Chemie GmbH Lackadditive der Wacker Chemie AG. Im April 2011 übernahm die Evonik Tego Chemie GmbH im Rahmen des Verkaufs der hanse chemie Gruppe an die Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH, den Vertrieb der Nanokomposite für die Lack- und Farbenindustrie.

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