Friday, April 26, 2013

Fred Smith the CEO of FedEx Praised Haslam - Not Unusual He Praises EVERYONE That Helps Fred Smith. FedEx Top Executives Have Benefited from Corrupt Practices in the Tennessee Courts.

 "Of course," he said. "I think Mr. Haslam and his father are first-class men.”  
Fred Smith the CEO of FedEx

Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama, when asked to name a chief executive he admires, chose one with an unusual pedigree: FedEx Corp.’s Frederick Smith, who raised more than $100,000 for 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain and was George W. Bush’s fraternity brother.

I learned that Danielle was emotionally abused by the courts.  She's a smart lady and some think she's a bit off her rocker. She's driven to blog and speak out....personally I find that trait admirable.  I've noticed that some of the newscaseters were bullied into NOT telling her story.  I heard her 'ex' was connected to the Good Ole Boys via FedEx.

Daniell Malmquist did make some comments that were not quite 100% but with the excessive abuse she's endured in the corrupt Tennessee courts and learning that the courts sided with her husband because he was "connected" with the right people and that FedEx is politically tight with the judges g I knew that Danille Malmquist has "meat in her dish" & is a victim of Tennessee and the culture provided by the business community that the Haslam family is the leader.  

When Fred Smith praises Haslam those comments need to be taken as lighting as a grain of salt. 

Here's  another "victim" whose connected to Comdata.   The abuse done to women in Tennessee is HORRIBLE

This Good Ole Boy Connected to NISSAN Executives and Uses Comdata did NOT want his child living in Michigan for "fear" she'd marry a nigger.  It's DISGUSTING!!!!

The Good Ole Boy that's a racist ALSO cheats on his taxes.  I got copies of his "books".... OMG

Also I sent Treasury lawyers an email because MONEY LAUNDERING is "quite possible".

This guy has threatened this woman's life ...

This woman has been abused in the Tennessee courts.

I connected the money laundering to FREEDOMWORKS, the Tea Party & right wing extremist connected to Senator Jack Johnson & Governor Haslam....  This guy is a member of the Good Ole Boy network = to the Southern Mafia. 

God Bless Tennessee and Get Me OUT of this state!!!

Racist words in court documents found while writing this blog piece.  It's Disgusting!!! 
A second exhibit—an unsigned, typewritten letter purportedly from Husband’s private investigator to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance—contains similar language:

I am attaching some additional information about Danielle Nicolosi Malmquist. Mrs. Gina Higgins, assigned to the Malmquist children [sic] case has recently provided me with some additional reports that will assist you in seeing that Ms. Malmquist is not a stable person. Ms. Higgins indicates that Ms. Malmquist [sic] Asian ways have lead [sic] her to be driven out of Shelby County and her children [sic]. . . . Ms. Malmquist was determined to be a psychopath by several court appointed psychologist [sic] that are involved in this case. I have spoken with the GAL on several occasions and she is of the same opinion that I am about the children’s safety being at risk around Ms. Malmquist. Ms. Higgins believes that Ms. Malmquist [sic] unstable Asian Culture leads her to be a risk around her children. The oriental couple, He’s, who recently caused many problems in Shelby County used their child to escape deportation. Hopefully soon Ms. Malmquist will be deported out. 

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