Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Haslam Family Linked to International Companies That Do Business with Iran & Financially Support Al Qaeda . NISSAN Whistleblower Told Members of the State Legislature That NISSAN Was Supporting a Terrorist Nation and NOBODY Listened. Hopefully Cleveland Brown's Fans WIll.

NISSAN Whistleblower Told Members of the Tennessee State Legislature That NISSAN Was/Is Supporting a Terrorist Nation and NOBODY Listened.  Hopefully Cleveland Brown's Fans Will Listen...

McWherter Hits Haslam on Foreign Investor in Pilot

ERIK SCHELZIG | Associated Press Writer

NASHVILLE (AP) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike McWherter said Monday that Republican rival Bill Haslam is "hiding something" about the relationship between the family-founded Pilot chain of truck stops and a European private investment firm.

Q: What’s the significance of having the investment in Iran?
McWherter: I really believe this is more an issue of disclosure. This is a sister corporation inside of a capital holding group that’s doing business in Iran at the same time that ownership here in the United States runs Pilot Travel Centers. Literally, 50 cents of every dollar spent at the Pilot Travel Center is going back into this capital partnership in Luxembourg, which in turn is financing companies that are doing business in these countries that really do not have our national interest at stake.
Q: The suggestion is that perhaps Tennessee dollars are ultimately helping Iran … Is that a possibility or a concern?
McWherter: I think that’s the question that Bill Haslam needs to be answering. Fifty cents of every dollar spent at a Pilot Travel Center goes back to CVC Capital Partners and they are investors in this company that is helping develop these kind of industries in these nations. And I think the voters of Tennessee need to know 
The Tennessee voters did NOT know because the Tennessean owned by GANNETT did NOT make an issue of it. The mainstream media outlet Gannett's CEO Gracia Martore is getting a 46 MILLION dollar severance "if" terminated according to SEC filings.  The shareholder meeting is in a few weeks. PLEASE speak up!!! 

New Insider Trading Issue Connected to Haslam "Might" Emerge "If the SEC" Does Their Job  This NEEDS to Be Exposed.    

Stephen Preston YOU Should Read This. Haslam Family Business ...

4 days ago – Haslam Family Business FBI/IRS Raid Update.... Sharyn Bovat Told UK Firm CVC Made Unusually High Profits. More Lockerbie Profiteers?

I tried to help America by exposing this and in Tennessee I was BULLIED... 

I'm fighting for my reputation and for America!!!
The mainstream media is "in bed" with the Haslams

Please EXPOSE the Haslam Family!!!!

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