Monday, September 1, 2014

Reid Weingarten Please Tell Jimmy Haslam I'll Be Camping at the Hyatt in Cleveland Tonight Maybe He'd Like to Buy Me Dinner- I Can Tell Him HOW Much I Love My Honda Hybrid and Hope THAT is the Official Car of the 2016 RNC Convention: Maybe I'll Tell Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove they Seem to Have an "In" with Reince Priebus

Looks Like NISSAN will use TESLA Tech with longer range Leaf.... If it happens.  I've been told NISSAN wants to "ditch" the EV.  Someone please confirm.  See if America is getting it's 1.4 Billon back too... The collateral was a taxpayer backed IDB bond. 

 The above issue is connected to the one of Louis Freeh accident.... it's linked to Putin too-more soon

Lots of 2010 Stimulus was wasted on technology people knew would fail... yet members of the CIA/MIC clique wanted congress to waste money on the premature launch of the EV... cause it would make Congress leary from funding any future attempt when the tech was "viable"... I was told NISSAN had no "break throughs" and can't make new promised car.  Heck they couldn't make the car they promised congress they could make when they took 1.4 Billion US taxpayer dollars.   James Comey the fraud is REAL! 

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