Friday, July 11, 2014

James Comey FBI , James Clapper DNI, Stephen Preston DOD, Robert Litt (DNI Guy Who Needs a Haircut:):) - I Got Proof That America Needs Better Intel... OMG!!! Tell John Brennan I'm Tired of Having to Provide the ACCURATE Intel... I Want My Source Sardar Pishdare PROTECTED an RESPECTED The Fact is American Can't Trust Iraqi Kurdish Leaders.... Although Jimmy Haslam, Haley Barbour, Lamar Alexander & Mike Loyal of Vitol Have Been Profiting with Them and Have Profited from Khomeini. Also Dan Meyer IC Whistleblower Dude I Need a Job BUT the CIA Says They Won't Hire Me Cause I Know Too Much Intelligence... Hello? My Future X Wants a Divorce & I Need Health Insurance IF America Won't Hire Me Cause I Know Too Much Then Just Give Me a Percentage of All Money Collected From Fraud I Exposed & Ranted About... Ask Eric Holder If He Knows What 10% of !4 Billion Is? Not Even Doing the Math it's Obvious the SMART Decision is Give me the 90k Year Job Instead....

Barzani is the President of Kurdisatn & Talabani is the Kurds deputy Prime minister... In the 80's Sal Russo did communications for CIA linked to IRAN Contra.. I did the research used to restore Oliver Norths image.   Later Sal did work for the Kurds to help them get tourist:

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It men they hand over Jargee Rauf to Saddam Family, sold politically, as you
know it come out that Abu-Bakr Baghdadi the ISIS leader is a sun of Ragd,
dotar Saddam Hussain

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what do you mean when you say "sold to"

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Dear Sharyn,

I want you put the question to Barzani, where is Jargee Rauf hoe give the order to hang Saddam Hussain ?, ask to interview with him, because there is a news between the Kurd that the Jargee Rauf was sold to Saddam family. 
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Subject: What do you think of this?

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