Sunday, June 1, 2014

James Comey Please Tell the FBI that I'm About 3 Weeks Behind on My Whistleblowing... Today Got MULTIPLE CALLS My Brain is Fried... Please Get One of Your G-Men or G-Women to Look at Beecher Frasier & Tom Ingram in Connection with Possible Tennessee RICO Case...

Evidently Tennessee has a Good Ole
 Boy problem and it's BiPartisan....  & I can prove I'm comfortable with my sexuality -- I mean my politics look at this photo... Want me to write about the Hermain Cain staffer that forced his girlfriend to have "multiple" abortions... the Hypocrisy in Tennessee is bad-not just with women's issue. The politicians in Tennessee profit from Khomeini and Putin... & so does Mitt Romney.   It's just DISGUSTING!!!  

Tom Ingram is in bed with anything that helps his team "make a dollar"... Beecher does not seem like the kind of guy any quality firm would recruit.... OMG!!!  he assaulted a college kid... Maybe the congressman who had his girl friend get an abortion then said he's "right to life" can comment?   Scott DesJarlais? 
JASPER - Democrat Congressman Lincoln Davis' Chief of Staff, Beecher Frasier, came under fire today after videotape evidence surfaced that showed him becoming agitated and then assaulting a college student who was asking Representative Davis questions.

Davis was exiting an event he co-hosted with liberal Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Chattanooga. He was met by two college students who were asking Rep. Davis questions about his campaign tactics. Video evidence then reveals Mr. Frasier lashed out at the student holding the camera.
i heard Beecher helps people "lose" so the Good Ole Boys keep winning... I'm telling Debbie

Looks Like Tom Ingram took over the Good Ole Boy network from Howard Baker... Wanna know WHY Iran could succeed... it's cause people linked to Howard Baker were able to profit from Khomeini ... We need to Indict Jimmy & Mitt Romney

BNP’s efforts to get around the sanctions was irresponsible and could have caused the entire international effort to collapse. They deserve to pay dearly, as do other banks and businesses that have tried to profit off the sanctions.So why punish BNP so harshly? Sanctions were pretty much the only step short of war to get the Iranian leadership’s attention and make them negotiate seriously on reductions in their supplies of bomb-quality enriched uranium. The sanctions bit hard, and Iranians felt them so strongly, they chose to steer their leadership away from the hard-line stance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the more moderate stance of Hassan Rouhani. His negotiators quickly struck a deal. Iran is now in the process of complying with Western demands. For the moment, at least, a costly and dangerous military solution has been averted.

James Comey - Congresswoman Diane Black is CORRUPT....are you investigating? 

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