Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reid Weingarten Tell Your Best Friend Eric Holder I'm Starting the INDICT MITT 2014 Campaign. If Israel's Olmert Gets To Go To Jail Why NOT Mitt. It Was ILLEGAL for Him to Profit From Khomeini & VERY Suspicious That He Profits From Putin and KNOWN Russian Mafia Gazprom. I was Jailed 3 Times By People Linked To Mitt Romney & Your Client HASLAM... Let Jimmy Go Free and Slap the Cuffs on Mitt - That Will SHOW America the Were SERIOUS on STOPPING Bank Fraud - Sanctions Breakers & Tax Cheats- I'm Gonna Fax the FBI Too. James Comey Should Make MITT the Next Martha Stewart:):)

Mitt ALREADY Got "Amnesty" for tax evasion via UBS if he has Bank Paribus he should go to JAIL - Directly to Jail!!!

Reid- If I can't get a JOB i can sell Tee Shirts?
I'll come up with an Indict Jimmy soon:):)

  MORE SOON - Did ya'll see what I did to Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney General Candidate?

Editorial: Paxton's ignorance of law shows he shouldn't be ...
Longview News‑Journal
10 hours ago - When we endorsed Republican Dan Branch in the race for TexasAttorney General ... The same cannot be said for Ken Paxton, Branch's opponent in the 

In Tennessee Judicial Races Aaron Conklin & Deana Hood Went Down FASTER than a woman in Amsterdam that Just Turned on the RED Light

Good Ole Boys I'm GONNA Keep Fighting for HUMANITY.... At least UNTIL I get a JOB!!!!

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