Thursday, April 10, 2014

James Comey of the FBI and ex FBI Guy Mike Dorris in 2009 I got a Voicemail Saying My Body Will Be Found in the Cumberland River- I Don't Want to Die in a Tennessee River - The WHOLE State is a Cesspool... PLEASE Help Me!

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Earlie Story - An explanation of his issues... Chris Craft in evolved with BOTH Earlie Story and MLK suppression & "WHAT" Your up against
Date: April 10, 2014 at 11:32:22 AM CDT

Here’s a summary of Earlie Story’s  issues. it’s still a draft… FYI- I gave information to Ryan Loskarn of Lamar Alexanders office an a week later he was arrested for porn. I was told his indictment delayed and he was planing on ratting out people then he hung himself… It was not a suicide or he was bullied into committing suicide. About 2 months before his arrest I was told at a National Security conference HOW they set up people with porn- I was told not to worry since it’s done to men. 

Then I gave information to Dan Meyer the IC whistleblower Director and within weeks he was accused of leaking intel. Whistleblower Advocate Daniel Meyer Under Attack: Daily ...

Leon Panetta is a NeoLib in the "same" CIA/MIC clique - they railroaded John Kiriakou to set an example... the DOD IG named Jon Rymer is "also" in the club - they protect each other they don't care about America -it's WHY there's a civil war going on in the IC.  
It’s all connected to a Good Ole Boy Network linked to Hasalm, Fred Smith, Tom Ingram,
Haley Barbour, Howard Baker, Carlos Ghosn. etc. FYI Howard Baker was the Ambassador
to Japan and he’s a “pro Yakuza” ally.  That is why lost custody - they used same corrupt

Please read- were really close to busting up the network. They are scared-& circling the wagons.  Just remember don’t make any new friends right now. TRUST only people you’ve known a long time.  document everything. Your safe cause your ************* .. their too scared to do anything stupid…When RICO hits… they’ll be hit harder if they do anything that harms us.   That’s why I’m alive.  A Haley Barbour supporter actually warned me about traveling to Tennessee-they fear that if a low level Good Ole Boy puts a bullet in my brain Haley Barbour will be held accountable.   Also I told ****** and Earlie they have to be public cause if they’re not they could be harmed BOTH of them are victims they’re not part of the Intelligence community. they’re victims of “wrong place wrong time”  so is *************  tell him to make a list of WHO profited in reference to ***** lost assets.  They have to fund their organization and they take advantage of people in different ways. I know there’s so much but understand the TBPR has been “set up” to protect the Good Ole Boy network (which is a MAFIA) and NOW we can expose it…. more soon.  I was told that UNTIL it’s exposed and dealt with NO ethical person can succeed in Tennessee - it’s just that bad, 


James Comey YOU Gotta Have the FBI Probe the Tennessee Courts...  NOW!!! 

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