Friday, February 21, 2014

The DOD Whistleblower Thanks ‏@msholmes2U For the ReTweet- Together We'll BRING DOWN Chris Christie and His Tennessee Friends the Haslam's

Below is a letter to one of my viewers... who give me advice.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat 
Subject: Thank you
Date: February 21, 2014 at 12:28:35 PM CST


Thanks for the advice… What’s going on is complicated and
my hope is that some of the corruption will end. I know that a lot of what I put on my
blogs is being investigated.  I’m just one person and can’t bring down the entire Good Ole Boy network
&Tom Ingram all by myself.  If the FBI has not already started investigating them after
ALL I‘ve shared with them their corrupt too..............Then it’s just up to the people of Tennessee to decide and I think they’re just going to “go along to get along”… it’s sad.

I think I’ll focus on the 1st amendment issues, National Security Issues & my "Voice of a Moderate” blog -
My DOD sources have been pretty good to me.  Tennessee  is on the Feds radar and that is why some wanted me to keep blogging. NISSAN would not have been corrupt - had Tennessee not been corrupt.

The Good Ole Boy network has been around for hundreds of years… Lamar Alexander is going to get reelected and so is Haslam - the people in the state are too dumb to “get” that they’ve screwed them with all the cronyism & all the bond stuff…  Being from California I see the writing on the wall.. People have told me many Tennessee counties and cities will go bankrupt but that’s years away.. I’m going to make sure he Federal agencies don’t let the loans be written off.   If NISSAN thinks that they can get away with not paying back their 6 BILLION + in bond debt- then they’re wrong… I was told to suggest having “stock” be issued as a way to have the loan repaid.  Could work… American did own GM for a while.  All I know is I’m just one woman who immigrated to the state from California & was totally abused.....whose gonna fight for justice- I can’t stop those guys…  I do think I’ve dented him:):)

Have a great day!!


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